Slots Royale Tournament Slots Royale Tournament

A world of exciting experiences awaits.

Over 1 200 players will stand a chance to win a share of R2.5 million cash and rewards in Sun International’s group-wide slots tournament!

Tournament Dates

Qualifying Period: 12 April - to 12 May 2024
Eliminations: 24 May - to 9 June 2024
Grand Finale: 21 - 23 June 2024

Position Points Account Number
Tournament Rules


1. The Slots Royale 2024 Slots Tournament (“the Tournament”) is exclusive to qualifying MVG Members, who are at least 18 years of age, who are not excluded from gambling activities or who have not been refused entry to Sun International casinos. Exclusions and refusal of entries imposed during the Tournament will exclude participation.

2. The Tournament will be hosted from 12 April 2024 to 12 May 2024 (“the Tournament Period”). Unit elimination heats will be held from 24 May to 9 June 2024. The Grand Finale will be held from 21-23 June 2024 at Time Square Casino.

3. To be eligible, participants who are MVG Members (“Participants”) must register on the electronic platform for free at any or all participating Sun International casino(s) at the designated VIP or MVG Desks or online for SunBet. Participants may register at multiple participating entities.

4. During the Tournament Period participants must insert their MVG cards when playing slot machines to earn casino slots points that will be used to rank their positions on the leaderboard. Casino points will accumulate per entity and cannot be consolidated across entities.

5. Participants betting on slot games online on SunBet need to ensure that their MVG account is linked to their SunBet profile in order to earn casino slot points.

6. The casino slots points earning will commence on gaming day on 12 April 2024 and will be terminated at 06h00 on 13 May 2024.
Participating entities: Boardwalk Casino, Carnival City Casino, Flamingo Casino, Golden Valley Casino, GrandWest Casino, Meropa Casino, Sibaya Casino, Sun City Casino, Time Square Casino, Wild Coast Casino, Windmill Casino and SunBet (online).

7. After 06h00 on 13 May 2024, the top three (3) group slots points earners on the group leader board will each secure a seat in the final round at the group finale at Time Square Casino. Thereafter the top slots points earner on the local leader board of each of the twelve (12) participating entities during the tournament period will each secure a seat in the semi-final heat at the group finale at Time Square Casino.

8. Seat positions will be allocated by way of a random draw. Seat allocations cannot be changed. Participants/proxies must be present at the draw for seat allocations.

9. Only the score/play on specific slot machines used for the tournament which will be set to tournament mode will count. Seats allocations cannot be changed.
10. Any winning combinations struck on a slot machine whilst it is in tournament mode will not be paid out as casino winnings.

11. A score is considered to be the number of game credits accumulated from combinations struck whilst playing the tournament game that will be enabled via the gaming system on dedicated slot machines.

12. A particular heat may be suspended and all scores (credits won during tournament mode) for that heat voided in the event that a slot machine or system malfunction makes play impossible or hinders play. The respective heat will be replayed, or the tournament director may permit affected participants to play their session again after the heat is completed, and their score will be ranked accordingly with the remaining participants of that heat. Management reserves the right to postpone the tournament or heat if necessary.

13. Only the participant (and not the proxy) is eligible for prizes. A proxy will be permitted to use the MVG card of the participant he/she represents to rank the score against the participant’s name on the leaderboard.

14. The number of heats in the various tournament stages will be dependent on the number of slot machines being utilised and is subject to change without prior notice.

15. Participation must be in person and players who are not present within 15 minutes before the actual start will forfeit their seats.

16. It may be possible that a participant qualifies for more than one seat in the group quarter finals. In such an event, the participant will be permitted to occupy all seats in the group quarter-finals provided that he/she only occupies one seat per heat to the maximum number of heats. Seat(s) beyond the maximum number of heats will be forfeited.

17. Participants must be physically present to participate unless they have appointed a valid proxy by completing a proxy form.

18. A proxy will only be permitted to play on behalf of a participant in the instance where a participant has gained a qualifying position on the leaderboards of more than one participating casino which would require him/her to play in the heats at the afore-going casinos on the same day or in instances where the participant is not able to attend for serious reasons, such as ill-health or travelling abroad. The affected participant must notify casino management at least 48hrs in advance of the afore-going and he/she must sign the tournament proxy nomination form before the date of the heat.

19. In the event the player has qualified at more than one Sun International entity, an eligible player will be permitted only one seat in the group semi-finals in the Grand Finale. Where a player obtains more than one seat in the group semi-finals then he/she must relinquish the additional seat(s) without the option of a proxy nomination. Should a player qualify for a semi-final heat at the Grand Finale and is still to play in a subsequent quarter-final heat in the Grand Finale, the seat held by that player in the quarter-final heat will be forfeited without the option of a proxy nomination, and that particular quarter-final heat will be conducted without the full quota of players.

20. Seats are not transferable. Participants and/or their proxies who are not present at least 15 minutes before the actual start of any heat, semi-final or final will forfeit their seats. In such instances, the games concerned will continue without the full quota of players.

21. Sun International and the participating entity concerned reserves the right of admission to the tournament and furthermore reserves the right to terminate the tournament at any stage without giving prior notification.

22. The leaderboard rankings are preliminary outcomes. The ranking displayed at each respective stage will be confirmed by the entity concerned after it has verified the same by 10h00 the following day. In the event of any malfunction of the system used for the automatic ranking on the leaderboards, the respective casino will manually rank the participants by relying on the slot points earned over the period as recorded by that casino.

23. Prize money will be paid in line with the advertised prize schedule. Prizes are not transferable.

24. The tournament calendar and prizes will be advertised through the advertising channels used for this tournament. Dates and times are subject to change without prior notice. Participants must take care to ensure that they are aware of the correct dates and times.

25. By participating in this tournament it is deemed that participants agree to the tournament rules and furthermore give consent to the casino displaying their personal information on the leader boards.

26. In the event that any clause, provision, term or condition in these tournament rules be found not to be enforceable or invalid by any law or is waived by election of Sun International, such clause, provision, term, or condition shall be severed from these rules to the extent that it shall not invalidate the remaining rules. Should Sun International be lenient in applying these rules, it does not mean that Sun International has waived any of its rights.

27. Any indulgence given by the participating entities will not be deemed to be a waiver of any of their rights in terms of these rules.

28. All disputes during the Tournament shall be referred to the respective Tournament Directors at the casino and group stages for resolution. The decision of the Tournament Director concerned will be final and binding and no further correspondence will be entered into. In the Western Cape, all gambling-related disputes may be referred to the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.